ns."Chips and soft▓ware are clo

mercial applications. China and the US are almost at the sa▓me starting line," Sheng added.In December 2017, the government set the goal of mass-producing chips

that run artificial neural networks by 2020, ▓a vital form of software propelling global tech giants' AI ambitions. The policy is a key part ▓of China's ambition to become the world's leader in AI by 2030.The global A▓I chip market is forecast t

o hit $10.8 billion by 2023, with the industry growing at a compound average annual growth ra▓te of 54 percent, according to data from market researc

sely bounded. That i

  • h company ReportLinker.Sensing huge opportunities, at least 14 AI chipmakers have emerged in China within the past two yea▓rs, data from Tencent Research Institute show. They are joining th

  • e efforts made ▓by Chinese tech heavyweights including Huawei Technologies Co Ltd to make chips that can add AI to any gadget."In the past 10 years, we have never seen so many companies emerge at the sam

  • e time for a single segment in China," said Xiang Ligan▓g, a chip expert and CEO of telecoms industry website Cctime.In A▓pril, Beijing's Horizon Robotics, founded by veterans of int

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s particularly true in AI, as ch ips po▓wering an appl ication must be specifically designed. China's booming s oftware mark et and large user ba se will allow homegrown companies to▓ upd ate chip design qu ickly based on u ser experien ce," said Roger Sheng, research di▓re ctor at cons ultancy Gartne r Inc."More import antly, AI has just jum ped out of la▓boratories and into com 通榆县wap 化州市wap 临西县wap 昌乐县wap 丰都县wap 滨海县5G 抚松县5G 休宁县5G 庆安县wap 察哈尔右翼前旗5G 祁县wap 蒙城县5G 广汉市wap 东平县wap 四平市wap 昌邑市wap 云浮市wap 闵行区5G 秦皇岛市5G 林甸县wap 开传奇私服教学 传奇私服新开网站9945 传奇私服攻沙规则 传奇私服加速外挂冰天 战旗迷失传奇私服 传奇私服单机版本免费下载 传奇私服外网架设详细步骤 怎么架设单机传奇私服 中变热血传奇私服网 传奇私服制作教程视频